About Therapy

You don't have to suffer alone.

Therapy is a UNIQUE setup

We meet and you share your intimate thoughts and secrets.
Together we begin a journey - where you are the central focus. In each 50 minute session, we explore you - good, bad and ugly - without judgement and with lots of compassion.

By meeting regularly a few things can begin to happen...


In sharing - the benefit is - that you discover the power of support.  By being seen and heard by someone, you see that you’re not alone in the world with your shit.  It’s from a place of support you can seek new possibilities.

Emotional Plumbing

By exploring - in particular your pain and suffering - we address old stories that still haunt you. We help you make sense of old traumas and give you tools to help integrate the past in a way that is healthy and allows for more authenticity in your relationships.

Better Relations

Our relationship - becomes a testing ground for you.  What is it like to show your anger?
How is it to receive compassion? You get to explore the nuances of being connected with another in a space that safe and always free of judgement or preconception.


Riding The Wave

With attention - to the present moment - therapy becomes training in tolerating the ups and downs of life. You learn how to deal with an anxious moment. You will see that there is a rhythm to life, you will learn a few new steps and discover your own dance.